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Prayer: The God of the Amen

In Luke’s Gospel (18:1-8), he shares with us Christ’s parable of the importunate widow. In this parable, a widow cries out for justice from an unjust judge. Although the judge does not fear God or care about people, he grants her request so that she will stop bothering him. Jesus says that if an unjust judge will act in this way, how will our Father act when his people cry out for justice? He will act quickly. The Scriptures tell us w...

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spiritual disciplines 1

Prayer: Holy Habit

Good habits are hard to come by. They require effort. They involve intention and perseverance. If I want to begin an exercise program, I must exercise for a couple of months in order to establish a good habit. But even good habits are hard to maintain when they are young. So last year we began praying as a family each night for fifteen to thirty minutes, sometimes longer. It was a time to come together as a family before bed and pray formally. It...

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