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Prayer: The Words of My Mouth

The words we use in our petitions to God are often quite odd. We ask for things that God provides because such is his nature. We pray for things that he has already given or gives abundantly at all times. Perhaps we even pray for him to do what he will not do. When I pray some phrase such as, “God, be near,” I am asking him for something (his presence) that is already given. Of course, I am not saying that such prayers are fruitless. ...

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spiritual disciplines 1

Stability: The Path

(As a reminder, the spiritual disciplines are not ends, but means by which we open ourselves to God’s Spirit and his work within us. If the disciplines become the goal, then we have missed the Kingdom. Our goal is to share in God’s life. Our goal is Christ. Our goal is keeping in step with the Spirit of God. These goals, of course, are one and the same.)

The way to stability is simple. And this path is the same f...

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