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Solitude: Finding a Desert in the Oasis

Our great need as human beings is communion. We need and ought to desire communion with people. And this need is perfectly fulfilled in our encounters with a person, Jesus Christ, and in the communion with God (who is himself perfect communion) that flows through that encounter. We can meet Christ in many places, but one place we must purposely seek him is in solitude. Solitude leads to communion, to that encounter with Christ, and away from isol...

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Tears of the King

The Old Testament offers few examples of people actually reading the Bible, which was still being written back then. But I like one glimpse we do get in the account of Josiah, an Israelite king of Judah.

Josiah was already a good man when he encountered the Bible at age 18. His grandfather, King Manasseh, had been a murderer who offered human sacrifices and placed idols in God’s Temple. But Josiah ordered the Temple restored. Tha...

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