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Where Was God?

The spring of 2011 brought unimaginable tragedy, destruction, and loss of life to the South and Midwest. Images and videos across the news and Internet offered a mere glimpse of the physical impact. The numbers of dead and missing served as a measurement of the damage done, but the brief stories we heard and read gave us only a small taste of the human impact. A friend who spent several days assisting with cleanup in Alabama told me that until yo...

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Is God Loving or Mean? (1 Peter 5:6-8)

What does God seem like to you? Is he a fearsome God who is waiting to zap you if you do something wrong? Or is he a loving God who is eager to share his blessings with you?

How you answer this question is always important, especially as we enter a new year. It shows how you’ll face the days ahead. Will you be confident or wary? Will you be obedient or lax?

Many of us hesitate to give an unqualified “yes&...

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