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The Sower

Having grown up on a farm and spent long days in the fields, I have always resonated with the images of fields and crops in Jesus’ parables. As a boy I watched my father plow, fertilize, and plant the fields in the spring; monitor and pray for them throughout the summer; and harvest them in the fall. Some years the harvest was thin; other years the barn and silo were overflowing. How my father prepared the soil—picking stones off t...

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When Worlds Collide

Having worked for over two decades for the church, my first step vocationally outside of that world was both enlightening and confusing at the same time.

The church I have served is seen as synonymous with a phrase that describes God’s rule in the universe: the Kingdom of God. We often think of kingdoms as having borders and armies to protect the people who agree to live by its laws. God’s King...

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