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When I was a child, life was easiest, best, and freest when I was obedient to my parents. When I submitted my will to theirs, there was peace. When I exerted my will against theirs, difficulties inevitably arose. And while my children sometimes whine that they can’t wait to be adults “who can do whatever they want,” obedience is expected of every adult. We have bosses and deadlines. Even if we are our own bosses, we have authori...

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Jesus’ Last Words – Revelation 22:20

Quiz time: What are the last recorded words of Jesus?

The answer is not as simple as finding his last words before he died because, of course, he rose again and spoke some more. Nor were his final words before leaving earth and ascending to heaven his last ones, because he’s still alive and the Bible records times when he spoke from heaven later on. So what’s the very last thing the Bible records him saying?

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