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Let the Little Children Come to Me

On January 12, 2007, famous violinist Joshua Bell took his priceless Stradivarius violin to the L’Enfant Plaza subway station in Washington, DC. During the 43 minutes Bell played, over a thousand people walked past him. Yet only seven stopped to listen to him for more than a minute. Not a single person clapped when he finished a piece—not even after he played some of the most difficult pieces of music ever written or after he finis...

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God the Thief

A few years ago my family experienced an unexpected break-in to our house. I say “unexpected,” of course, because no one knows when a thief will strike. You’re living peacefully when—whammo!—you wake up one morning and your patio door is broken, everyone’s wallets and purses are gone, and the family van is missing from the driveway. You find evidence. A crow bar in the backyard. Drops of blood where the thief c...

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