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Image of God

I recently spoke with a friend who, in her midthirties, is experiencing a significant shift in her life. Like most people who leave the corporate world to follow a “call” of God to vocational ministry, she has spent the past several years working in a church. As an assistant youth director, she seemed to have found her passion.

Something began to change about six months ago. Working in a church can often be all consumi...

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honest question

Why Do I Do What I Hate?

It is amazing to me how many times I’ve heard that life automatically gets better when a person becomes a Christian. Change has come. You and I are no longer the same.

While it is true that many things get better, it’s also true that many things get more difficult. In all honesty, the differences before surrendering to Christ and after are a mixed bag. It gets better in that we no longer have to carry guilt and shame a...

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