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A Shock to Mom and Dad

Not long ago, some friends and I were talking about our parents. Soon it became clear that several of us are delighted with our moms and dads while others of us drag around emotional baggage the size of steamer trunks, full of disappointment and even anger over the way our relationship with our parents has worked out.

So when we hear the commandment, “Honor your father and mother (

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Confession and Anger

For nearly all my life I have justified my anger. I do so even today. I call it righteous because of sin, or more specifically, because of the sin of others, because of their being unrepentant or because of their failure to see the truth as I have seen it. Unmerciful and unforgiving, I react against real and perceived injustices and resent the ones who would hurt others and myself so carelessly.

In the discipline of confession, one...

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