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Hospitality: True Fast

During the season of Lent, many Christians try to be more conscious of Christ’s Passion by giving up some small thing—often something rather inconsequential. In doing so we make this season a time of solidarity with Christ. Maybe it’s chocolate or maybe it’s soda, but we give up something—not something immoral, necessarily, but something that is normally part of our lives. Perhaps this sacrifice involves something th...

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The Kind of Love We Need Most—Hosea 14:4

Each of us has a core need to be loved. But love alone is not enough. Beyond that, we need to be loved freely—unconditionally.

A look at our most treasured human relationships shows that this is so. If your spouse loves you only when you’re lovable, you’ll be insecure about your looks, your contributions to the family, your ability to be romantic, and more. You’ll act needy and selfish. The same will happen ...

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