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What is an Encounter with Jesus Like?

Many of us can be classified as rule followers. We’ve never met a guideline we haven’t liked. We’ll put on the seatbelt to move from one parking spot to another. Close enough isn’t good enough. We take pride in getting it right.

The rest of us fall into another group. Rules are, at least, suggestions and, at most, made to be broken. We’ll go in through the “out” door if it’s closer. W...

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Prayer: Communion with God

Prayer is not simply chatting with God, though at times it may feel so. Certainly most of us are familiar with the comparison between prayer and a telephone. But prayer is not ringing the Almighty. Prayer is thirst for God. It is a thirst that responds to his thirst for us. There is a movement of lover and beloved here that we sometimes miss. He is Lover. And he thirsts for that encounter with us. Meditate on that wonderful truth for a bit. The p...

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